Algae, motorcycles, and amputations…?

My mind was all over the place last night. The common themes? Amputations, slightly uncomfortable situations with people, and cleanliness. I hath no idea what this means…

It was a family get-together. We were in the garden, and I was trying to stay under the umbrella in the shade, but everyone wanted me to go join the rest of them. We sat in a circle, and I carefully placed myself so as not to end up next to people I couldn’t stand talking to – I did not feel like talking at all really.
My father was showing me the swimming pool and how the tiles around the edge had been cleaned to different degrees – some were so covered in algae they were a dark speckled green, others were gleaming white. I straddle-jumped in, and was joined by practically every other kid in my extended family, terrified someone was going to drown.
Most of the family went out, and I was left with 3 cousins around my own age whom I had not met before, and who appeared quite rough and tough. We headed out ourselves to a motorcycle shop. I was drawn to a collection of dartboards at one end of the shop, and started arguing with one cousin that the regular boards were way better than the ‘pan boards’ (which although had pan handles for easy moving around, were a lot heavier). I then found some old Barbie toys, including a dirty Barbie aeroplane and joked that we should buy that instead of a motorcycle.
I went to work. I had injured myself, inhaling something which was stuck in my throat and pressing against my neck, which was a great inconvenience to the manager. I was put to work packing punnets of strawberries and broccoli, but I kept putting broccoli florets in the container that were way too big. One workmate asked to swap shifts with me, another took me out for a walk to get some more supplies. Table 16 was proving difficult. I asked the staff about my neck and was told I needed an mri scan which was scheduled for Wednesday. It felt weird that one of my workmates might be operating on me. I then had to tell another workmate that we had to amputate his leg mid-thigh, as the previous below-the-knee amputation was infected. He wasn’t very happy about that.
I was back at my hostel, were I was greeted by two students with whom I hadn’t talked for ages. I went up to their rooms and the girl proudly showed me how she’d cleaned the bathroom, even ironing the shower curtain. Someone opened a cupboard door down their hall, and found a person lying on something between a coffin and a stretcher. He had no legs but seemed fine about the situation.