A Spiral Staircase Journey

I guess this dream could symbolise a journey to happiness, and the way all the ups and downs in life just help to create the person we are now… Or something.
Or maybe I just had spiral staircases on my mind… Hmm probably.

I was heading back to my room up a long spiral staircase. It was cold dark metal, the clang of each footstep echoing around the circular walls. I entered the bottom of the stairwell behind someone who I recognised as a movie star. I followed in silence for a while, then finally asked him how to pronounce his name. “Ja-cyen” apparently. Suddenly he dropped his room key from his hand and I watched panicked as it tumbled down and down through the centre of the stairwell. He sprinted down after it, and luckily it eventually came to a rest on the railing. After catching me up I hid his key and mine in my hands, and made him guess which hand his was in. He got it wrong.
We ended up going to the park where we found two swings to sit on. We were joined after a while by some of my middle school acquaintances, and I felt a sudden pang of sadness that I had left them and was not close to these wonderful people anymore. We sat and chatted for a while, then parted on happy, reconnected terms.



Locked in the park…

We were in a field. Wide, open, but hilly. The group on the area below were training their dogs. My family and I had arrived there after strolling past castle ruins along a path, which opened up to this park. We suddenly worried that the park gates might shut and we’d be locked inside, but they were only closing for the dogs. I ran and informed the dog owners, shouting at the top of my lungs for them to leave. They only had 2 minutes to get their dogs out of the park.

Sometimes dreams show us things or people we don’t recall┬áthinking about for ages, but are somehow there, at the surface of our subconsciousness. Strange stuff :/

I really don’t think I have a phobia of being locked in parks, but you never know…