Murder Investigation

An ongoing murder investigation.
It all started in a charity shop with my aunt, grandmother and next door neighbour. Just before we left I spotted a beautiful velvety floral dress and was told to try it on quickly. When I came out of the changing room, a boy walked in the back door of the shop and stood staring at us all. He said he knew us and everyone looked scared. We cautiously followed him outside, where his father and a few others were standing. They started talking in scared angry but hushed tones, while I watched confused and worried.
I worked out that the boy’s brother had been killed and the father blamed our family for it. He was still angry and I was terrified as to what he might do.
We managed to get away and back to the safety of our home, which appeared to be a childrens’ playground surrounded by a little moat of water. This meant that we were always wet from swimming across the moat.
Over time I started to find out more and more about this murder case, and it seemed to get more complicated the more I knew.
The final confrontation. It was a blur of angry people, shouting, threats, guns being pulled at one another, then a moment of stillness like a breath of anticipation, as the four with guns stood, weapon poised at one another, no-one making the first move. Then out of the silence a deafening gunshot.
It took me a moment to work out who had been shot. At first I thought it was the white-haired old lady, but then I saw the father on the ground, and I saw the bullethole.
It was over. It was all finally over.

Oh and I also dreamt about colouring in a bunny rabbit. A live bunny which I though needed half of its white fur coloured in a fading orange-yellow tone with coloured pencils… ??


Lost and falling

The fence at the front of the garden in my childhood home was broken. The top half kept leaning over, so I tried to fix it and ended up falling head over heels over the fence. I gave up on that bit of fence and started decorating another part, weaving flowers and grass through the wire. My current neighbours were in the driveway telling us we needed to leave. The fence could wait.
I was at a restaurant when the explosion happened. Three of the waiters had to swim to the side after the explosion, all luckily competent swimmers. Everyone was quite shocked.
A man at a table out the front of the restaurant was asking me for something, but he was speaking Italian and I couldn’t understand, I told him I spoke French, so he tried that but spoke so quickly I was still lost.