No stairs…?

It was my friends birthday and I was going to his party. I was driving a tiny red plane on the road with my dad, meeting one of his work colleagues in a car park. When we met though we decided not to go to the party, and instead I went to this huge old estate house. My grandma showed me around, leading me up through the different floors. However, there were no stairs: all of the floors were sloped, like a corridor gradually spiralling upwards. I was looking at all the paintings on the walls along the way, as my grandma explained them all to me.
We went back down to the main living room where more of my family were. I started throwing dice to people which started a game of catch amid the conversations. When this got too difficult, my friend suggested some of us move the game to her bedroom. I followed her one sloping corridors though several doors to her room. All of the walls were covered in bright green AstroTurf, but some of it was really soft like green fluffy blankets. I loved her room.