Murder Investigation

An ongoing murder investigation.
It all started in a charity shop with my aunt, grandmother and next door neighbour. Just before we left I spotted a beautiful velvety floral dress and was told to try it on quickly. When I came out of the changing room, a boy walked in the back door of the shop and stood staring at us all. He said he knew us and everyone looked scared. We cautiously followed him outside, where his father and a few others were standing. They started talking in scared angry but hushed tones, while I watched confused and worried.
I worked out that the boy’s brother had been killed and the father blamed our family for it. He was still angry and I was terrified as to what he might do.
We managed to get away and back to the safety of our home, which appeared to be a childrens’ playground surrounded by a little moat of water. This meant that we were always wet from swimming across the moat.
Over time I started to find out more and more about this murder case, and it seemed to get more complicated the more I knew.
The final confrontation. It was a blur of angry people, shouting, threats, guns being pulled at one another, then a moment of stillness like a breath of anticipation, as the four with guns stood, weapon poised at one another, no-one making the first move. Then out of the silence a deafening gunshot.
It took me a moment to work out who had been shot. At first I thought it was the white-haired old lady, but then I saw the father on the ground, and I saw the bullethole.
It was over. It was all finally over.

Oh and I also dreamt about colouring in a bunny rabbit. A live bunny which I though needed half of its white fur coloured in a fading orange-yellow tone with coloured pencils… ??


No stairs…?

It was my friends birthday and I was going to his party. I was driving a tiny red plane on the road with my dad, meeting one of his work colleagues in a car park. When we met though we decided not to go to the party, and instead I went to this huge old estate house. My grandma showed me around, leading me up through the different floors. However, there were no stairs: all of the floors were sloped, like a corridor gradually spiralling upwards. I was looking at all the paintings on the walls along the way, as my grandma explained them all to me.
We went back down to the main living room where more of my family were. I started throwing dice to people which started a game of catch amid the conversations. When this got too difficult, my friend suggested some of us move the game to her bedroom. I followed her one sloping corridors though several doors to her room. All of the walls were covered in bright green AstroTurf, but some of it was really soft like green fluffy blankets. I loved her room.

Algae, motorcycles, and amputations…?

My mind was all over the place last night. The common themes? Amputations, slightly uncomfortable situations with people, and cleanliness. I hath no idea what this means…

It was a family get-together. We were in the garden, and I was trying to stay under the umbrella in the shade, but everyone wanted me to go join the rest of them. We sat in a circle, and I carefully placed myself so as not to end up next to people I couldn’t stand talking to – I did not feel like talking at all really.
My father was showing me the swimming pool and how the tiles around the edge had been cleaned to different degrees – some were so covered in algae they were a dark speckled green, others were gleaming white. I straddle-jumped in, and was joined by practically every other kid in my extended family, terrified someone was going to drown.
Most of the family went out, and I was left with 3 cousins around my own age whom I had not met before, and who appeared quite rough and tough. We headed out ourselves to a motorcycle shop. I was drawn to a collection of dartboards at one end of the shop, and started arguing with one cousin that the regular boards were way better than the ‘pan boards’ (which although had pan handles for easy moving around, were a lot heavier). I then found some old Barbie toys, including a dirty Barbie aeroplane and joked that we should buy that instead of a motorcycle.
I went to work. I had injured myself, inhaling something which was stuck in my throat and pressing against my neck, which was a great inconvenience to the manager. I was put to work packing punnets of strawberries and broccoli, but I kept putting broccoli florets in the container that were way too big. One workmate asked to swap shifts with me, another took me out for a walk to get some more supplies. Table 16 was proving difficult. I asked the staff about my neck and was told I needed an mri scan which was scheduled for Wednesday. It felt weird that one of my workmates might be operating on me. I then had to tell another workmate that we had to amputate his leg mid-thigh, as the previous below-the-knee amputation was infected. He wasn’t very happy about that.
I was back at my hostel, were I was greeted by two students with whom I hadn’t talked for ages. I went up to their rooms and the girl proudly showed me how she’d cleaned the bathroom, even ironing the shower curtain. Someone opened a cupboard door down their hall, and found a person lying on something between a coffin and a stretcher. He had no legs but seemed fine about the situation.

Locked in the park…

We were in a field. Wide, open, but hilly. The group on the area below were training their dogs. My family and I had arrived there after strolling past castle ruins along a path, which opened up to this park. We suddenly worried that the park gates might shut and we’d be locked inside, but they were only closing for the dogs. I ran and informed the dog owners, shouting at the top of my lungs for them to leave. They only had 2 minutes to get their dogs out of the park.

Sometimes dreams show us things or people we don’t recall thinking about for ages, but are somehow there, at the surface of our subconsciousness. Strange stuff :/

I really don’t think I have a phobia of being locked in parks, but you never know…

Good Morning!

I got up this morning and preceded to tell my family I’d had a normal dream. You see, they are so used to my weird dreams, that they have become the norm.

My dream involved running through vege patches, pulling up potatoes and ripping branches off fruit trees, as we headed towards the sea, where we would turn into tiny people once we jumped in.

Now I’m sure there are many dream analysts out there that have explanations and meanings for many dreams… but mine sometimes seem so random and unrelated and strange that I wonder what on earth my brain is up to when I sleep.

Anywho, the point is that I’ve decided to create a dream blog. Simply because why not?!

Feel free to comment, follow, analyse, share your dreams, or purely be amused or weirded out!

Anna-the-Dreamer x

P.S. The dream above was about a ‘rather strange’ on the scale of ‘weird’ to ‘extraordinarily bizarre’…