A Swinging Party

I love how dreams can draw from such different times in your life and place them all together.

It was one hell of a party. Setting: the back garden of my childhood house. Theme: circus, acrobatics, activities. Invitees: a random assortment of people I have ever known.
I was going around swinging on ropes, climbing up walls, doings pull-ups from hoops.
I started talking to an old friend but was cut off when new guests arrived and my mother was very surprised that they’d arrived so late. I told her it was ok, I knew them, but by this point my old friend had left and I was disappointed I didn’t get to talk to him more.
I stood watching the party from a distance for a while, wondering why I didn’t feel happier. This seemed like the party I’d always wanted, but I didn’t quite feel part of it.
As the party died down much later I was left with a few people, one being a little girl whom I had taught dance to years before. I was climbing on the side of our tree house, swinging out, doing tricks. I went up the steps to the treehouse and saw a sign that we’d hired for the party that had been put by the door. There were diggers and men in the garden already packing everything up, so I flipped the sign over and left it there, so they wouldn’t see it and take it away. I looked inside the treehouse door and the inside seemed so small I wondered how I’d ever been little enough to fit in there.
I went back to doing tricks, this time trying to use aerial silks. A dance choreographer appeared and tried to show me how to do the foothold properly. The little girl was watching all the time in amazement. There were a few others girls in the garden dancing and doing cartwheels.
Hours later when everything was over, a girl appeared from the drive around the side of the house. She looked quite panicked, asking where her sister was. I realised it was Nicki, who the little dancing girl had told me about. I then panicked as I hadn’t seen the little girl since everyone left. We then spotted her little head pop up from the long grass underneath the treehouse. All ends well.