Good Morning!

I got up this morning and preceded to tell my family I’d had a normal dream. You see, they are so used to my weird dreams, that they have become the norm.

My dream involved running through vege patches, pulling up potatoes and ripping branches off fruit trees, as we headed towards the sea, where we would turn into tiny people once we jumped in.

Now I’m sure there are many dream analysts out there that have explanations and meanings for many dreams… but mine sometimes seem so random and unrelated and strange that I wonder what on earth my brain is up to when I sleep.

Anywho, the point is that I’ve decided to create a dream blog. Simply because why not?!

Feel free to comment, follow, analyse, share your dreams, or purely be amused or weirded out!

Anna-the-Dreamer x

P.S. The dream above was about a ‘rather strange’ on the scale of ‘weird’ to ‘extraordinarily bizarre’…


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